Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's begin ; Trench coat fever

 Other people start their new year's resolution early in January but I like to be different (actually just been slacking). I've always wanted to start a blog about fashion and beauty finds because everyone I know have been telling me I have too many clothes and beauty supplies. But for a gal, I never think I ever have too much, and still have a long list of things I keep on my wishlist. As an accounting student, study is pretty dull. So I often immersed myself in the fashion world by updating myself online or magazines, like any other girls ;)

For my first post, I figured I should start with a staple item in every women's wardrobe. A basic trench coat. I got mine from Zara few years back and didn't really wear it until recently. And have been wearing it almost everyday since it has been a tad bit warmer these few days here in Adelaide. Yay for sun!

Wore this out for a lunch date and grocery shopping. 

Knit top: Hollister 
Jeans: Dotti
Bag: Aldo
Flats: Vincci plus (From Malaysia)

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