Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things to do before 25?

So I was just reading this post. Things to do before 30.

And I thought to myself, well.. I am turning 25 in a year, I need to make a list. (to be exact, it will be in 2 years time just because I was born in November). Ha.

The reason behind why everyone need a list is just purely because of the amazing feeling of satisfaction when you accomplished something.

So let's just go ahead with this shall we? Lyn's things to do before 25 :)

1) Talk smart
When I say talk smart, it's just a note to myself for not talking like a 5 year old all the time. As a 25 year old I think it is important for myself, or just anyone to understand how to 'talk smart' in a professional environment/socializing. Basically not being an idiot.

2) Save,
I would say it is crucial for anyone to have savings. Especially when you are turning 25, it is not really a smart thing to do to spend your weekly wages every weekend on partying or clothes (although it is very tempting). If you are a shopaholic like me that can't resist the slightest temptation, budget. Budget your expenses and open a new bank account purely for your savings. Bank all your monthly savings in there and use your remaining income to indulge in anything you like. (Of course I don't mean save $1 a month, that's just pointless)
Therefore you still have a stable amount of savings each month but not spending all your money on unnecessary things. Unless your bra has a hole in it, I strongly suggest you get a new one. :p

3) Blog/Vlog more often
I'm not sure if I am actually getting older, or I have the shortest memory.
If I had to remember what I was doing this time 2 years ago, I do not have a single clue. Especially when you're in your 20's, things are always exciting. These are the years where you learn, fail, achieve the most you probably will in your lifetime, which is definitely worth looking back to. It's never too late to start recording things down, or if you are not a fan of blogging, May I suggest diary?

4) Contribute back to the Society
I have been following Humans of New York (HONY) for quite some time now. I swear I teared up every single time whenever I read the posts. How Brandon captured the most beautiful/painful moments of someone in the picture just gets to me. I want to stop complaining about my life but to give back something to the society when I can. It bothers me a little when I know I can't do that just yet. This is definitely something I want to be able to do comfortably before I turn 25, and from then onward for the rest of my life. I believe that's what everyone should do as well. Especially if you are reading this blog post..we are fortunate enough to own a computer.

5) Start Cooking/Improving your culinary skills
As per our point 2, eating out is probably the most expensive daily expense here in Australia. Therefore I have started cooking more often. Not a good cook but you know, it's edible. And I like to decorate my dinner plates every time if I'm not too lazy (Instagram opportunity right there). Plus it saves up a lot of money. I think I only spent less than $50 every week on groceries, which is definitely affordable for anyone. If you're not sure how/what to cook, go on YouTube or Pinterest. Not your ordinary cookbook, but definitely works! If you love your cocktails, maybe start learning how to make your favourite Margarita as well?

6) Start sending Thank You cards
I read this on the blog post I've linked and I believe this is something we should definitely start doing early. I actually got this idea from a conference I went last year about entrepreneurship. The lady that was giving the talk (I do not remember her name, but she was awesome) talked about the importance of sending out Thank You cards after doing business together with someone, when someone did you a favour or just simply thanking the person for being a great human being! :) She also listed out reasons why it's important. One of the main reason was, people appreciate it when you take some time out from your busy schedule to write a card for them. It's those small little things that matters.

That's all I can think of right now. I've only got a year to accomplish all these and time is ticking. What are your goals before you reach a certain age, if not, let's do this together! x

With love, Lyn

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Work OOTD; Shopping Adventure?

Top - Kookai
Belt - Saba
Pants - Zara 
Bag - Charles & Keith

The story of my white pants...

(That time when I found IT, felt the need to take a photo)

When I was in Melbourne for Boxing Day, I had a slight obsession with white comfy pants (maybe that was a bit of an understatement, I was obsessed in trying to find that particular item in every store)

I finally found one that fits me in Zara (probably the fifth visit on the trip). It was a size bigger than what I would normally wear, didn't think it would look nice on me. BUT it did. I paid at the counter with excitement & I can sense my boyfriend's relief for the end of 'treasure hunting for white comfy pants'. 
I believe that everyone has the same obsession. 

I remembered last year during winter for me was hunting for a black puffy vest. 

What about you? Do you have any crazy obsession of something that you have to own and you have  been going on 'a hunt' for it? 

Just thought this might be something interesting for a Monday. & I am practically brain dead at work.

With Love,


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Things I have been doing

Redecorated the table - 

 I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately and have been loving Alex from HRH Collection. She's been updating her vlog quite frequently these days & I get so inspired to decorate my house like hers each and every time I watch her video. For those that doesn't know who she is, Alex is also a successful business lady that sells handmade jewelry online. She has a HRH clothing line now too! Ah, my dream. 

So I thought, I need to get organized. And to start with that I am going to make my house a place I love so much whenever I get home after work (also I've recently extended my lease contract for another year. Go me!)
Started with this cute design on my living room table. I found this gem - Gold Pineapple Jar from Target for only $15, it also comes with pineapple gummies, score!
The three colourful balls are the EOS lip balms I found at Costco the other day, it was like an unexpected and the loveliest surprise. The mint green container is actually a Laduree macaroon container that I kept because it is honestly too pretty to be chucked in the bin. That's just cruel. 
Paired it off with some cute flower headbands I got for free at a party, & placed them on top on a pink candle pot from Target that does not smell nice, at all. I bought it solely for decoration (dedication). :)
In case anyone of you are wondering, the book is Not that kind of girl by Lena Dunham. I have not started reading it yet, I have been telling myself I should stop slacking (that was a month ago).
Anyway, this is what I have been doing recently. I am going to come up with a whole list of new year's resoultions just like everyone else. And make sure I stick to it. 


Lastly, something that everyone can relate to - 

Till then, I'll talk to you all lovelies next week. 
With love, Lyn

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oops I did it again

Yes, I've started another online shop. As a few of you might know, I used to own a blogshop while I was in Malaysia, shared with my friend Joo. We ran a quite successful little shop I would say, but everything was a bit here and there, we were not that great in organizing.

Three years &spent endless amount of money on shopping later.......

I have launched a new online boutique here in Adelaide myself called 10 Points for Chic.
I figured, I was asked quite frequently where do I get my outfits, why don't I share it with everyone? (that way I can get more outfits for myself, jk)
Another main reason, I never like to spend to much on online boutiques, because you never know the quality and how it fits on your body, I have had bad experiences with some online shops with horrendous looking items that look totally different from the photos online.

This is also why I don't sell things that I do not believe they are worth the price for, I am picky like that. Everything in my shop costs less than $50, and better yet, they are all guaranteed good quality pieces.

Okay after a whole lot of rambling, here are some photos from the recent collection. I've only started this precisely 2 months ago. Still trying to learn, so bear with me guys...if the website is not functioning properly. I'm definitely working on it. :p

My lovely friend from work Jacinta agreed to be my model, thanks to her the photos all turned out so amazingly gorgeous! Enjoy the photos...and if you like any of the items, please visit for more.
With lots of love, Lyn.




Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to the real world?

Yes, I have a proper job right now. 
I am now sitting on a desk with a monitor facing me at least 7 hours a day. 
Truth be told, I kind of like my job. I never imagined I could stand the fact that sitting on a chair for more than 2 hours per day(ok that's kind of an exaggeration), which is why I went into sales once I graduated. 

I thought that was my lifelong goal. To be a wonderful...amazing salesperson. Yes laugh all you want. You must be thinking, I graduated with an Commerce degree and I want to work in sales? Are you out of your mind? Well at least that was what everyone around had been asking me. 

I realized not a lot of us, the fresh graduates, know what we want in life. I have been saying I wanted to be an accountant because I was studying an convenient, right? 

Let's get back to the topic. The main reason I went into sales was because I applied for 10 jobs and this was the only one that called me back. I went for the interview the next day and they wanted me to start on Saturday. Well for a person that has never worked or got a proper job in Australia....hell yeah! 
I was so nervous on my first day, I didn't know what to expect. The site was at least 30 mins drive from the city, which is far, for me. I didn't own a car back then. My site leader was 18 years old, I was 22 (still am now). I know I am being narcissistic but she likes One Direction, and I had to take orders from her....Imagine my excitement. Anyway,they asked me if I have approached strangers before and taught me the skills. It was daunting at first, but I made my first few sales within the three hours of my so called observation day. They were happy with me so I got a called back for the orientation. 
Again, I didn't know what to expect. They told me the pay was performance based. "If you work harder, money flows in quicker." My family and friends weren't sure if that was the job I should be doing, but I was so excited and didn't care about the pay because I feel like someone finally appreciate me for what I do. 
Every morning, your name gets mentioned if you did well, the team will cheer and applause for your achievement. I was looking forward to that everyday, I guess I needed the reassurance that I have some skills in life. The job's turnover rate is so high I honestly didn't know who was still in the team and who weren't. And yet I was still there, after 4 months (just so you know, 4 months is consider 'long term' in that company). 
To give you an overview of my four months:
I got promoted to leadership, I earned $0 working a whole day, I high rolled the team, I was the worst performer in the team, I cried because of stress, I was so happy with my achievement, I stayed late even though everyone else had left for that one last sale. I feel like in the past 4 months, I have learnt so much that other would never come across in an office environment.

What I was trying to say is that, I have learned perseverance and I know hard work actually pays off. I even get to learn how to manage a team. I was a mentor to other team members. I was in charge and I gained respect for my results. 
When I look back, it really was a tough job, but it was worth it. I have never regret any decision I had made because it helps me built my strength and perspective in life.

Friends around me have been telling me, "Oh wow you're one of the annoying ones", or "You only get paid if you make sales?!" or "I would never take that job if I were you". 
What they were missing out was that, I didn't stay for that job because I needed the money, I wanted the experience (Earning $27 per day would be one of the obvious reasons). I wanted to be ahead of others and show them what I have learnt in months but they couldn't in years. I see that as an investment in myself, I get paid and I learned loads, why not? 

My family and my boyfriend have been nothing but supportive with every decision I made, as long as I am working towards my goal. 

I hope you would find something beneficial from this blog post. :)

With love, 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vintage market haul

Hi everyone. It's been a month since my last blog post, I admit I'm not a very good blogger. :p I hope everyone spent their September with loads of fun. ;) 

Went to the Gilles Street Market today. I wasn't suppose to go shopping because I am trying to save up money for my end of the year trip. But they have too many nice cheap finds, its ridiculous! i spent all the cash I brought. I felt really guilty but they were REALLY cute, and everything is under $10, which is cray cray. 

Here are the things I've bought today. 

Are these necklaces cute or what?! They are all so pretty and I couldn't control myself so I took all of them. & they only cost $3 each! WHAT A STEAL. 

Spotted this baby before leaving the market. I have always wanted a pair of clogs but never really liked the chunky heels. And this pair has skinny heels, plus its brown! They are barely worn looks almost brand new. Costs me only $10. It feels like its meant to be aint it ;)

Got this oh so cute top for $5. Was a really impulsive buy. Loving the silver details on the top! 

Those are my haul for the day at the market. Everything totalled up costs me $24. Haha! I couldn't be more happy! 

Just painted my nails because my nail has been really ugly these days. Used a black nail polish as a base coat and topped it with Butter London, the black knight. Don't they look like they're ready to party? ;) 

What about you guys? Do you often shop at vintage market? 

With love, 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lips x kisses x colours

Sorry for the long hiatus. I miss blogging, but I've been so caught up with uni works and job recently. Oh and I spent my last weekend in Sydney for our anniversary, the most memorable weekend ever.
I've got a bad infection on my eyelid during the trip and it was swollen like the size of a bee sting on my right eye. My boyfriend was really understanding (he should be :p)  throughout the trip and it got less swollen day by day and it was almost diminished by Monday, which is the date of our anniversary. I was lucky I guess, and good thing my fringe was right parting so I could cover my eyes using my hair during the days.

A picture of us at the restaurant, est.  

I am never really a lipstick person. Yes I do own a few lipsticks but never could find a favourite one that actually suits me. I've always wanted a bright red/pink/coral lip color but I still couldn't find any that I love. And I'm sure I'm not the only person that is facing the same problem. Good thing I found the Dior Addict Lip Glow, it acts like a tinted lip balm that enhances your natural lip colour. I am already using my third one so far, as you can see how much I love it. ;)

I mentioned I owned a few lipsticks, but I rarely use them. Why? I have no idea, I guess I'm just not confident enough to wear them out. I have always admire the girls that wears bright lipstick out for different occasions, I just couldn't. So I decided to try something new, and well since Priceline was having a massive sale, I went and bought the Maybelline Colour Whisper in no. 45. It's like a red colour that is in the middle of orange and pink. I spent like 30 mins trying on different shades on my hands and finally decided on that colour. To be honest, I chose that one because it has only one left at the counter. It's a natural human instinct okay? :p Another colour is YSL Rouge Volupte. I bought this last year after exams as a gift to myself. Because of my love for hot pink, I insisted to get a pink shade. I tried it and thought it looked nice, I don't know if it's the counter lady's non stop praising or just me, I bought it right away. And I've only worn it less than 5 times. Great. even though I love the texture, I just didn't really have the confidence to wear it out. :( 
Other lip colours are the normal ones, like a light coral shade, nude coral, yes I love coral. Because my skin tone goes with coral better than pink. :) 

                           Nude lips. I look really pale here.                                        Dior Addict Lip Glow 

              Maybelline Colour Whisper in no. 45.                               YSL Rouge Volupte

So tell me guys, what do you think of the lip colour? And what are your favourites? Share your experience in picking out the right lip colour because I would really love to know! 

With love,