Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vintage market haul

Hi everyone. It's been a month since my last blog post, I admit I'm not a very good blogger. :p I hope everyone spent their September with loads of fun. ;) 

Went to the Gilles Street Market today. I wasn't suppose to go shopping because I am trying to save up money for my end of the year trip. But they have too many nice cheap finds, its ridiculous! i spent all the cash I brought. I felt really guilty but they were REALLY cute, and everything is under $10, which is cray cray. 

Here are the things I've bought today. 

Are these necklaces cute or what?! They are all so pretty and I couldn't control myself so I took all of them. & they only cost $3 each! WHAT A STEAL. 

Spotted this baby before leaving the market. I have always wanted a pair of clogs but never really liked the chunky heels. And this pair has skinny heels, plus its brown! They are barely worn looks almost brand new. Costs me only $10. It feels like its meant to be aint it ;)

Got this oh so cute top for $5. Was a really impulsive buy. Loving the silver details on the top! 

Those are my haul for the day at the market. Everything totalled up costs me $24. Haha! I couldn't be more happy! 

Just painted my nails because my nail has been really ugly these days. Used a black nail polish as a base coat and topped it with Butter London, the black knight. Don't they look like they're ready to party? ;) 

What about you guys? Do you often shop at vintage market? 

With love, 

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