Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to the real world?

Yes, I have a proper job right now. 
I am now sitting on a desk with a monitor facing me at least 7 hours a day. 
Truth be told, I kind of like my job. I never imagined I could stand the fact that sitting on a chair for more than 2 hours per day(ok that's kind of an exaggeration), which is why I went into sales once I graduated. 

I thought that was my lifelong goal. To be a wonderful...amazing salesperson. Yes laugh all you want. You must be thinking, I graduated with an Commerce degree and I want to work in sales? Are you out of your mind? Well at least that was what everyone around had been asking me. 

I realized not a lot of us, the fresh graduates, know what we want in life. I have been saying I wanted to be an accountant because I was studying an Accounting...how convenient, right? 

Let's get back to the topic. The main reason I went into sales was because I applied for 10 jobs and this was the only one that called me back. I went for the interview the next day and they wanted me to start on Saturday. Well for a person that has never worked or got a proper job in Australia....hell yeah! 
I was so nervous on my first day, I didn't know what to expect. The site was at least 30 mins drive from the city, which is far, for me. I didn't own a car back then. My site leader was 18 years old, I was 22 (still am now). I know I am being narcissistic but she likes One Direction, and I had to take orders from her....Imagine my excitement. Anyway,they asked me if I have approached strangers before and taught me the skills. It was daunting at first, but I made my first few sales within the three hours of my so called observation day. They were happy with me so I got a called back for the orientation. 
Again, I didn't know what to expect. They told me the pay was performance based. "If you work harder, money flows in quicker." My family and friends weren't sure if that was the job I should be doing, but I was so excited and didn't care about the pay because I feel like someone finally appreciate me for what I do. 
Every morning, your name gets mentioned if you did well, the team will cheer and applause for your achievement. I was looking forward to that everyday, I guess I needed the reassurance that I have some skills in life. The job's turnover rate is so high I honestly didn't know who was still in the team and who weren't. And yet I was still there, after 4 months (just so you know, 4 months is consider 'long term' in that company). 
To give you an overview of my four months:
I got promoted to leadership, I earned $0 working a whole day, I high rolled the team, I was the worst performer in the team, I cried because of stress, I was so happy with my achievement, I stayed late even though everyone else had left for that one last sale. I feel like in the past 4 months, I have learnt so much that other would never come across in an office environment.

What I was trying to say is that, I have learned perseverance and I know hard work actually pays off. I even get to learn how to manage a team. I was a mentor to other team members. I was in charge and I gained respect for my results. 
When I look back, it really was a tough job, but it was worth it. I have never regret any decision I had made because it helps me built my strength and perspective in life.

Friends around me have been telling me, "Oh wow you're one of the annoying ones", or "You only get paid if you make sales?!" or "I would never take that job if I were you". 
What they were missing out was that, I didn't stay for that job because I needed the money, I wanted the experience (Earning $27 per day would be one of the obvious reasons). I wanted to be ahead of others and show them what I have learnt in months but they couldn't in years. I see that as an investment in myself, I get paid and I learned loads, why not? 

My family and my boyfriend have been nothing but supportive with every decision I made, as long as I am working towards my goal. 

I hope you would find something beneficial from this blog post. :)

With love, 

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