Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things to do before 25?

So I was just reading this post. Things to do before 30.

And I thought to myself, well.. I am turning 25 in a year, I need to make a list. (to be exact, it will be in 2 years time just because I was born in November). Ha.

The reason behind why everyone need a list is just purely because of the amazing feeling of satisfaction when you accomplished something.

So let's just go ahead with this shall we? Lyn's things to do before 25 :)

1) Talk smart
When I say talk smart, it's just a note to myself for not talking like a 5 year old all the time. As a 25 year old I think it is important for myself, or just anyone to understand how to 'talk smart' in a professional environment/socializing. Basically not being an idiot.

2) Save,
I would say it is crucial for anyone to have savings. Especially when you are turning 25, it is not really a smart thing to do to spend your weekly wages every weekend on partying or clothes (although it is very tempting). If you are a shopaholic like me that can't resist the slightest temptation, budget. Budget your expenses and open a new bank account purely for your savings. Bank all your monthly savings in there and use your remaining income to indulge in anything you like. (Of course I don't mean save $1 a month, that's just pointless)
Therefore you still have a stable amount of savings each month but not spending all your money on unnecessary things. Unless your bra has a hole in it, I strongly suggest you get a new one. :p

3) Blog/Vlog more often
I'm not sure if I am actually getting older, or I have the shortest memory.
If I had to remember what I was doing this time 2 years ago, I do not have a single clue. Especially when you're in your 20's, things are always exciting. These are the years where you learn, fail, achieve the most you probably will in your lifetime, which is definitely worth looking back to. It's never too late to start recording things down, or if you are not a fan of blogging, May I suggest diary?

4) Contribute back to the Society
I have been following Humans of New York (HONY) for quite some time now. I swear I teared up every single time whenever I read the posts. How Brandon captured the most beautiful/painful moments of someone in the picture just gets to me. I want to stop complaining about my life but to give back something to the society when I can. It bothers me a little when I know I can't do that just yet. This is definitely something I want to be able to do comfortably before I turn 25, and from then onward for the rest of my life. I believe that's what everyone should do as well. Especially if you are reading this blog post..we are fortunate enough to own a computer.

5) Start Cooking/Improving your culinary skills
As per our point 2, eating out is probably the most expensive daily expense here in Australia. Therefore I have started cooking more often. Not a good cook but you know, it's edible. And I like to decorate my dinner plates every time if I'm not too lazy (Instagram opportunity right there). Plus it saves up a lot of money. I think I only spent less than $50 every week on groceries, which is definitely affordable for anyone. If you're not sure how/what to cook, go on YouTube or Pinterest. Not your ordinary cookbook, but definitely works! If you love your cocktails, maybe start learning how to make your favourite Margarita as well?

6) Start sending Thank You cards
I read this on the blog post I've linked and I believe this is something we should definitely start doing early. I actually got this idea from a conference I went last year about entrepreneurship. The lady that was giving the talk (I do not remember her name, but she was awesome) talked about the importance of sending out Thank You cards after doing business together with someone, when someone did you a favour or just simply thanking the person for being a great human being! :) She also listed out reasons why it's important. One of the main reason was, people appreciate it when you take some time out from your busy schedule to write a card for them. It's those small little things that matters.

That's all I can think of right now. I've only got a year to accomplish all these and time is ticking. What are your goals before you reach a certain age, if not, let's do this together! x

With love, Lyn

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