Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oops I did it again

Yes, I've started another online shop. As a few of you might know, I used to own a blogshop while I was in Malaysia, shared with my friend Joo. We ran a quite successful little shop I would say, but everything was a bit here and there, we were not that great in organizing.

Three years &spent endless amount of money on shopping later.......

I have launched a new online boutique here in Adelaide myself called 10 Points for Chic.
I figured, I was asked quite frequently where do I get my outfits, why don't I share it with everyone? (that way I can get more outfits for myself, jk)
Another main reason, I never like to spend to much on online boutiques, because you never know the quality and how it fits on your body, I have had bad experiences with some online shops with horrendous looking items that look totally different from the photos online.

This is also why I don't sell things that I do not believe they are worth the price for, I am picky like that. Everything in my shop costs less than $50, and better yet, they are all guaranteed good quality pieces.

Okay after a whole lot of rambling, here are some photos from the recent collection. I've only started this precisely 2 months ago. Still trying to learn, so bear with me guys...if the website is not functioning properly. I'm definitely working on it. :p

My lovely friend from work Jacinta agreed to be my model, thanks to her the photos all turned out so amazingly gorgeous! Enjoy the photos...and if you like any of the items, please visit for more.
With lots of love, Lyn.




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