Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 effective ways to save money for travelling

I love travel. And I don't know anyone that doesn't like to travel. Well unless it's traveling to some place that's boring and you were forced to go, can't blame you for that. :p
I'm currently saving up money for my end of the year trip to Japan. I went there last year and love there so much.
So I've decided to go again this year, this time is different, I'm going to ski, for the very first time. And because my boyfriend loves skiing in Japan. So yes, Japan it is. As all of you that have ski before you'll know the ski package is not cheap, especially for us uni students. :( We're also planning a trip to Thailand because we went Thailand last year too and love Bangkok so much! The shopping was crazy. But due to my budget, we had to skip Bangkok this year. BOOOOOOOOO.
So I have calculated my finance and budget my spending for these four months until December. I've come up with 3 very effective ways to save money, and for a shopaholic like me, it's torturing.

1. Don't eat out. 

This might be hard for those that don't like to cook and wash up, like me. But it does save a lot if you actually make the calculations. Say to cook spaghetti bolognese, it'll costs $20 for you to buy the ingredients (meat, pasta, sauce) and the amount can lasts you for at least 3 meals! If you order a plate of spaghetti bolognese in a restaurant, it'll costs you about $15AUD. You do the math.

2. Only buy what you need, not what you want. 

By that I meant what you need is toothpaste, sanitary pad, contact lens solution, toilet paper etc.. What you want is the new top on display in Bardot, or the new eyeshadow quad by Chanel. You can buy those when you're traveling, or after you travel. What if you found something nicer out there?

3. Sell off things that you don't need 

Storing things that you never wear or use is leading you one step nearer to become a hoarder. And you can earn quick cash too! What's more to say? Take myself for an example, I have always been lazy to sell my uni textbooks after every semester. But now I realized I needed extra cash so I cleared up my bookshelf and sell off all my books at once. I wonder why I've never done that before. You've got to have motivation sometimes I guess.

If you follow these steps properly, and also keep track on your finances regularly, you'll definitely have enough money to go traveling! (& please remember what I meant by that is those places that are within your budget) :) Happy traveling!

Here's some pictures of Japan, can't wait to go back!

With love, 

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