Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lovin' my colours

So I figured.. If I'm writing a blog, I should let my readers know more about me. This is more of a interior post, please don't get bored? :)

My favourite part in the room. I like to think that the decorations in my room shows people who I am. 
And yes, I'm a colorful person. :p

Let's zoom in to my new favourite part. The pink wooden hand I got from typo. I painted the nails too so it doesn't look as plain. Also, it goes with the rings! ;)

Another favourite part of my room. I got this wall hanger for only $10 at Kmart and didn't want to ruin its prettiness by hanging my jeans on it. So, I put my necklaces to good use. :)

Oh you know, I got bored that day and decided to clean up my desk too to prepare for my new upcoming semester. Can you spot my minions army? :) 

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