Thursday, August 15, 2013

Caramel gold?

Last month after my finals, I wanted to pamper myself so I wanted to get a hair makeover. I didn't want to change too much this time because the last time I chopped my long hair off into a short bob. Yes I did it without much thinking, I wonder why I was so impulsive back then. I've always admired Jessica Alba & Jennifer Aniston's highlights because they both have medium hair length and a slightly tanner skin tone. So I went on pinterest and pinned tons of hair pictures and brought it to the hair saloon with me. Seeing as I have never been to a hair salon in Adelaide before, (yes I've been here for two years and I never get my hair done at all, fascinating or what?) I googled hair salons in Adelaide and did some research. BUT, I didn't went to any of that because all of them were full and I was so anxious I couldn't wait any longer. So I went to Rundle Mall and walked into every possible hair salon I can find to enquire. And I was quite happy with one of the place I found, because the hairstylist completely understood what I want and explained thoroughly the process of what she's planning to do. 
Anyway, I made an appointment for the next day and completely in love with the results! Plus she blow dried my hair so it was so bouncy I felt like a princess. :p
But few of my friends reckoned the caramel highlights was too gold on me. And now I was thinking to re-dye it again with a darker colour. Some other friends thought it looks nice so now I'm in a dilemma state. 

Do you think this suits me? I need opinions. Gah

Outfit of the day

With love, 

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