Sunday, August 4, 2013

Review: Love Alpha Mascara

So I've almost ran out of my Helena Rubenstein mascara. Unless you have never heard of it, its a very high rated mascara in the market and girls went crazy for it. I have a friend that bought 5 sets at once which I thought its pretty insane. I really like it but not love, not at that stage. :p It was quite pricey for a mascara but it works well on me so never really look for another substitute. 
My boyfriend knew that I'm running out of my HR mascara and he got this lovely Love Alpha mascara from our friend in Hongkong. She said she couldn't really tell the difference between this and HR's. 

When I got it, I gave it a try. It came with a small how-to guide but only in chinese, too bad for the non-chinese readers out there. But it's still comprehensible by the step by step pictures on it. 
At first I thought it wouldn't be as good as HR, as I've never heard of it and it just looks like a replica version of HR. The packaging was really cute, it came with a small leopard print box that I almost thought my boyfriend got me a pair of glasses.

 Love Alpha's packaging. 

Helena Rubenstein's packaging. Tell me it looks exactly the same or what! :O

The natural fiber & Transplanting gel. The fibre has loose fibre that will lengthen your lashes instantly but remember to top it with the transplanting gel. Or else your face will have loose fibre on it and it'll ruin your make up base. Bad bad bad.. Trust me you wouldn't want that. My friend was complaining about it while she tried. Sorry :p

 But other than that, its a good mascara for its price. A great dupe for HR. 
Not sure about the price but I've done some researched on ebay, apprently you can get it as cheap as $6 on eBay! Make sure you check if its trust worthy before you purchase. 

This is how I use the mascara (for the non-chinese readers outthere)
1. Apply one coat of transplanting gel
2. Add a coat of natural fibre. 
3. Apply another coat of transplanting gel. 

And viola! 

 Before with zero mascara on 

 Love Alpha mascara

               Helena Rubenstein Mmascara

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