Sunday, August 4, 2013

Winter time - The black wool coat

It's still winter and I needed some inspiration. So I created three different sets of outfits to match with the essential item in every winter, the black wool coat. 

1.Office wear

2.Night out 

3.Day time 

The coat I chose is by Vince. Here's the link if you're interested to purchase that coat. Firstly, let me warn you, it's not cheap...else I would've bought it already. :p This coat is like the perfect coat I have been imagined. Too bad it's way out of my budget. If you can afford it, please get it! It's a staple item in every women's wardrobe and I doubt you can't find anything to match with it in your whole closet!
As we see that the coat is way overpriced, I found some similar ones and they're all within $150 AUD. 
This coat has some unique elements on it. It has the quilted pleather details on its sleeves, rocker chics will love it! ;)
Here's the link to purchase this coat. 

This is from topshop. The only difference between this and Vince's is the buttons! If you can choose to ignore the buttons, ignore it! I personally didn't really like buttons so I always leave my coats unbuttoned. Sometimes I think it looks more stylish because I wanted to show what I'm wearing underneath. Or else what's the point in wasting our time matching outfits with our coats if we're buttoning up anyway? :) 

Gotta go do more research and will keep this blog updated. 

with love, 

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